If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident as a driver, passenger , pedestrian or cyclist and have doubts whether you are entitled to benefits or compensation, whether it’s YOUR FAULT or NOT. We strongly recommend YOU contact us immediately and seek legal advice.

Depending on your circumstances, you may be entitled to numerous benefits, such as Income Replacements Benefits (IRB): This is for individuals that were employed at the time of the accident or have worked at least 26 weeks during the last 52 weeks prior to the accident.

Non-Earner Benefits (NEB): This is for individuals that have not worked more than 26 weeks out of 52 weeks before the accident or students that are enrolled in an educational program or have graduated less than one year from post-secondary program or have not obtained employment.

Medical and Rehabilitation: This benefit covers costs for services involving medical treatments and expenses that are reasonable and necessary for your recovery and not covered under OHIP or any other private plan. The Minor Injury Guideline (MIG) is used to determine whether a minor injury falls within the definitions outlined in the MIG. For minor injuries, individuals are subject to a maximum of $3,500.00 for medical and rehabilitation, which includes and cost for assessments and examinations.

For non-catastrophic and non-minor injuries claims, medical and rehabilitation benefits are subject to a $65,000.00 combined amount maximum for up to 5 years. The maximum for non-catastrophic claims may be increased if optional benefits were purchased.

Our experience firm will assist you in navigating this complex process of applying for benefits from the insurance companies and ensure that you receive your full entitlement to all your Accident Benefits under the regulations.

Do not suffer or hesitate!! Again whether it’s your FAULT or NOT
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